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Backup Power and Standby Generators

generatorA device that can supply electricity to your home or business during power outages is casually referred to as a standby generator. Our everyday life depends on the continuous flow of electricity probably more than we realize. While a few hours without power may be just an inconvenience, losing it for days or even weeks can be costly and even life threatening. During a blackout, a generator allows you to continue using essential appliances such as sump pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, air conditioners, as well as lights. Generators have almost become a necessity for homes and businesses in Buffalo and Western New York.

Emergency power backup systems offer continued access to electrical service during power outages. Standby generators are permanently connected to your house wiring via a device called a transfer switch and hooked up to a fuel source (normally the same one you use for the heating: natural gas or propane). Their wattage can range from 7 kilowatts and up, so you can always select the right model that can supply power to the things you want to run during an outage including furnace, central a/c, sump pump, etc. or you can power your entire home or business. An automatic stand by system will start by itself without your involvement when it detects a power outage, and likewise it will shut down when utility voltage is restored. There is no need to get the gas can, run extension cords, etc. It gives you peace of mind to know that your family, home, business, and investments are protected. Stop worrying about water in your basement, loss of heat in the winter, inoperative security systems, wasting money on spoiled food and fumbling in the dark during power outages.

backup power standby generator

In today's technology-driven world, backup power is fast becoming a household and business necessity. The same electricity supply that once ran only the basic necessities (lights, appliances and heating and cooling systems) must now power computers and security systems. Increased uninterrupted power demands coupled with industry deregulation have made brownouts and complete power outages more prevalent in many parts of the country. While candlelight navigation may suffice for a few hours, when bad weather knocks the power out for days on end, a reliable, self-contained backup power system is the answer. And if you're a business, it can keep the phones ringing and computers running so that you can keep your businesses functioning. And it is more than just convenience. When the heat is functioning, pipes won't freeze, and when the security system is powered intruders are held at bay. Best of all, should the power fail, the standby systems power up automatically, whether you are at home asleep or across the country.

Getting started is as easy as calling the experts at Northeast Mechanical Inc. We will work with you to assess your current power consumption and make commendations about the type of backup power system your property needs.