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SnowMelt Systems | Buffalo, NY

What is a snow melting system?

snow melt system drivewayYour driveway could look like this in winter!

Face it – who likes to shovel? Do you like waiting for the kid down the street or the guy with the plow truck revving and scraping your driveway, waking you and your neighbors at 4am? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up one morning to a dry sidewalk and driveway while watching your neighbors struggle to get to work or even to the mailbox?

Snow melting systems are becoming more popular in today's homes and businesses as a convenient & cost effective method of automatically clearing snow and ice from surfaces such as driveways, parking areas, emergency access areas, and sidewalks.

These systems eliminate the need for labor-intensive snow removal, shoveling, and salting, and minimize the risks of liability due to personal injuries and damage to the surfaces themselves.

snowmelt system diagramAt Northeast Mechanical Inc., we offer a complete line of automatic and manual snow melting controls that is both efficient and reliable.

How does it work?

An effective snow melting system detects snow/ice through in ground sensors. Most snow melting systems are hydronic (hot water) based. Plastic tubing is embedded in concrete or under asphalt, hot fluid (antifreeze) is pumped out into the slab, the warm fluid melts the snow, and evaporates the water until the surface is safe for foot or vehicle traffic.

Who uses a snow melting systems and why?

Snow melting systems are popular for both commercial and residential use. Here are some common applications:

  • snow melt system installedFor convenience. Homeowners can install a snow melting system in their driveways, sidewalks, steps, and patios - to eliminate the need for shoveling. Homeowners who can't afford to install the systems in all their exterior concrete slabs use them to target trouble spots only, where snow and ice accumulation poses a problem, such as in the wheel tracks of a driveway, in the front walkway and steps, or in driveways with steep inclines.
  • To reduce snow removal costs and liability. Business owners use the systems in outdoor malls, parking lots, car washes, walkways, and loading ramps to eliminate the expense of snowplowing and to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Public facilities like hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes can install a snow melting system to improve safety and lower the cost of snow and ice removal.

Is a snow melting system worth it?

driveway with snow melt system installedIf you think about how much it costs compared to shoveling, plowing, blowing, salting, sanding, and other snow removal methods. Add the fact that it can eliminate the use of salt and ice melting chemicals preventing them from ruining your clothes, footwear, rugs, and the environment. On top of that, add in that the fact it can eliminate slipping and falling on the ice saving you from potentially fatal injuries and costly lawsuits - when you add it all up, a snow melting system can be very cost effective.