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Temperature Controls

An HVAC temperature control system is a computerized control system for climate control in buildings. Stand-alone control devices may be pneumatic or electronic. Some may have microprocessors, but to be considered a "control system", computerized and networking capabilities are expected requirements. Often, these integrate fire, security, and lighting controls into one system. These systems typically use one or more central controllers to command and monitor the remote terminal unit controllers, and they communicate with one or more personal computers that are used as the operator interface. These control systems are typically used on large commercial and industrial buildings to allow central control of many HVAC units around the building(s). The latest systems use Ethernet for communications between central controllers--allowing remote access from a web browser.

Benefits that can result from an HVAC control system are impressive and include:

  • Higher energy efficiency because the components are optimized for system performance
  • Better reliability because the equipment is designed to work together
  • Lower installation costs because the HVAC equipment has turnkey factory controls
  • Faster occupancy because factory commissioning makes installation and startup faster
  • Less system downtime with thorough diagnostics to identify problems before they become severe

What are you looking for in a control company?

A partner, someone more than just a supplier. A company with a history of quality, reliability, and a commitment to their clients. Knowledgeable people who respond when you need them. Local support that you know you can depend on. Dependable, established technology. No matter what their particular control needs are, customers demand that their temperature controls contractor deliver superior installations at a reasonable price. At Northeast Mechanical, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by completing projects in a timely manner and offering you solutions to create an energy efficient, high performance building which creates a comfortable environment for its occupants.